How Local Businesses Can Quickly Get to the Top (Or Near the Top) Of Google For Free

Thanks to a free service provided by Google, it is now possible for local businesses to rank at the top (or near the top) of Google when their potential local customers type out their product or service and the name of their town or city in the Google search engine.More and more people are now using the internet to find a supplier of goods and services in their local area (and less are using Yellow Pages and other traditional methods.) Amazingly, many local businesses are still not listed in Google Maps. In addition, the ones that are listed are not taking full advantage of this FREE service, which can propel them to the top of Google, when a potential customer uses Google and types out “Your product or service + name of your City”.The first step to get your business listed onto Google Maps is to visit Google and then Google Maps.Secondly, to submit your business (for free) you need to use your Google account or set one up (again it’s free). Then go to “My Account” and “Local Business Center”. Then you can add a new listing. In order to increase the number of enquiries from prospective customers you can add photos and video to your listing. (Video testimonials from happy customers are particularly powerful). In addition, reviews can be added.One very important secret: In a business listing you get six categories. Choosing these categories is very important – they should match keyword phrases that your prospects and customers will be looking for in Google.You can add more keyword phrases in the “additional details” section (again all for free).How high a business ranks on Google Maps will very much depend on the KEYWORDS searched for. Google Maps ranks business listings based on their relevance to the search terms entered, as well as geographic distance (where shown) and other important factors.A business listing can easily be changed at a later date to include more photos and videos etc.This tip was shared with a friend of mine who is a local disc jockey. He added some video to his free Google Maps listing via his mobile phone and YouTube. Amazingly, within the hour he got a $500 booking. When he asked the customer where they found him, they said “Google Maps”, and they also said that it was the video which persuaded them to book there and then.So we know this works and it can work extremely well.The secret to doing better with Google Maps is to include appropriate photos and if possible video of your products or services (and also a couple of testimonials from happy customers.) Approximately 99% of businesses listed on Google Maps either don’t know about this free facility or if they do know they can’t be bothered to do anything. However, for a few minutes work it can pay enormous dividends. If a potential customer has a choice of telephoning a company which has a short video of their business as opposed to a company which does not, tests have proven that they ring the company first who has pictures or video on their listing. The public love video! They may even ring a company to make an enquiry about their goods or services even BEFORE they have looked at that company’s website.Google Maps are a completely free service. As a result, it is not possible to pay for a higher ranking. In addition, Google do their best to keep the details of their algorithm a closely guarded secret in order to make the ranking system as fair as possible for every local business who uses the service.It needs to be emphasised that to get to the top of Google (or near the top) using this technique, you do not necessarily need a website (although it is highly recommended that you have one!)An investment of a few minutes of your time is all it takes for you to benefit from this amazing free service which Google offer.

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